Route 47

When the important thing is the way.

The emotions of the road, the stops that are made along the route, the pleasure of driving and the sensation of freedom that the wind gives, are essential ingredients to guarantee a good motorcycle route. Apart from weekend getaways, riding on a circuit or traveling to a concentration, doing a great route is the promise that every biker makes when buying his first motorcycle.

Spain has everything to ride a motorcycle: beautiful landscapes, good roads, coast, mountains, deserts, incredible gastronomy and the possibility of eating and sleeping anywhere at any time of the day.

All this has made our country the main destination for many European motorcyclists in recent years.

On this great route we suggest you go through the 47 Spanish provinces of the Iberian Peninsula without repeating any of them on a great route of 10,000 in its two versions:

ON ROAD: 29 stages with an average of 350 km/day.
OFF ROAD: 47 stages with an average of 210 km/day.